A Legacy of Light

Everyone at West End United Methodist Church will be invited to participate in a project demonstrating our connection to the legacy we have both received and are giving. The Loving Light of Christ will be physically manifest in stained-glass art to be displayed in the Education Building. Join us in creating a trio of stained glass panels with the help of Emmanuel Stained Glass Studios of Nashville.

The hand blown stained glass windows in West End’s sanctuary, originally designed and installed by Nicola D’Ascenzo of Philadelphia, were restored by Emmanuel Stained Glass Studios beginning in 2000. Fortunately, Emmanuel preserved the broken pieces of glass from the renovations and will guide us in using them in this project. Each piece of glass is unique in color, shape and size, just as we as members of West End and the body of Christ are unique.

Just as many grapes make one wine and many grains of wheat make one loaf, the many pieces of glass will come together in one piece of art. The glass pieces remind us of our individual roles in continuing the legacy that has been given to us and in becoming together the Loving Light of Christ.