West End United Methodist Church


West End Welcomes Launch Pad

by West End UMC
Launch Pad provides a peaceful and safer place to sleep for people between the ages of 18-24 who are sleeping outside or are currently... read more

Advent 2015: Love, Where Are You Leading Us?

by Michael Williams
Years ago I met a one-eyed poet named Robert Creeley. This was a very exciting occasion for me, because I was already familiar with his work... read more

Caring About People Who Can't Afford A Home

by West End UMC
“Affordable housing”  is a major phrase in current politics, especially in Nashville. DO YOU CARE?  Probably we find... read more

30HR Famine: The Experience

by West End UMC
Our youth recently went 30 hours without eating to raise money and awareness for kids who don’t have food. Their efforts raised $10,100... read more

The Legacy Campaign - Interior Signage

by West End UMC
As part of The Legacy Campaign, we are coordinating with a local company to update and improve our interior signage and wayfinding.... read more

Exterior Sign Completed

by West End UMC
During 2014, the congregation of West End came together and raised $62,304 to be used to erect a permanent sign for our church on West End... read more

Legacy Campaign Results

by West End UMC
We announced on Sunday, October 26 that the church had received Legacy Campaign pledges and gifts of $2.9 million. We’ve come a... read more

Gloria! A Concert of Christmas Favorites Old and New

by Matt Phelps
The Chancel Choir and Sanctuary Choir have been diligently preparing for a concert that I am very excited about.  On December 7th at... read more

A Blessing of Presence

by Nancy Hawthorne
May you awaken to the mystery of being here... read more

A Reflection on Legacy

by Matt Phelps
After Committment Sunday, the Legacy Campaign, and All Saints Sunday, I have been thinking about how I have become the person that I am... read more

And the Winner is...

by Matt Phelps
For the last four weeks I have been counting down some the choral pieces that have been the most influential to me.  To recap the top 4... read more

Choral Desert Island...Continued

by Matt Phelps
With two more weeks to go in our choral desert island, I find myself struggling to make very tough decisions.   To wrap up next... read more