30HR Famine: The Experience

Our youth recently went 30 hours without eating to raise money and awareness for kids who don’t have food. Their efforts raised $10,100 which will be able to feed and care for over 22 hungry children for an entire year!  Below is a reflection from one of our youth...

The point of the 30-hour famine is to experience for 30 hours what hungry people experience every day. Fasting helps us empathize with the people we are giving our money to. When we arrived at the church, it was great to see that we had a goal or thought for our fast. Our Youth’s focus was Haiti. We experienced a small portion of their daily lives after their earthquake in 2010. Five years later they are still struggling. By fasting we can understand God’s love helping us through the fast. Jesus said, “when you fast” meaning that he expects us to fast but it’s just a matter of when that happens. It is then our job to carry out his wishes through fasting. We understand that the act of fasting is completely voluntary. We are choosing to fast together for our gain and everyone else’s. While fasting, we know exactly how long it is going for and exactly when it ends.  We even know what food we will get to break our fast with and that the food will fill us up completely. It makes me realize that even though I am famished, I know when and what I will eat. These people we are gaining empathy for have no idea when their next meal will be or even what they will eat.

Each part of the famine we experienced emphasized different things. Making and serving food at room in the inn was the most impactful to me. The food was right in front of us but we could not eat it. We then gave it to people who needed it way more than we did even though we were all very hungry. The entire fast was broken when we took communion, which brought everything full circle for us.                          

 —Annlyn Zinke