Construction Update: Guatemala 2013

We just finished day 3 on the construction site and it is all about bamboo! We are helping to construct the new clinic in San Pablo - the neighboring town to San Juan La Laguna (where we are staying).  We have been moving and cleaning bamboo and not the little pieces of bamboo you might be thinking about.  These pieces of bamboo are around 30 ft long, about 6 inches in diameter, and weigh at least 100 pounds, if not more. The bambook pieces will be used in the construction for the new clinic.  They will be exposed ceiling beams, support beams, and used in other parts of the construction.  So, we are cleaning them well - knowing that they will be seen for years to come.

We are greatly enjoying our time and love interacting with the other Guatemalan workers on site.  They are working alongside us building some of the exterior concrete walls.

The new clinic will be larger than the current San Juan clinic and will include an educational space alongside the typical exam rooms, pharmacy, lab, and office.  ODIM is very excited about this space because it will allow them to hold diabetes classes, training for their health promotors, and a place for their "beca" schloarship children.  You can learn more about what they are doing at

It has been and continues to be a joy to share a small amount of our time, talents, and gifts to help ensure health, peace, and education for the people of San Juan and San Pablo.  God is so great and it is amazing to experience the love of God through my other teammates, our local hosts, the people of Guatemala,and the wonderful sites and sounds of this country.

Grace and peace, Jeff McCormick


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