Dying Well -- Lenten Video

A year or so ago a friend loaned me a book called "Lament for a Son" by Nicholas Wolterstorff.  It's a book of reflections of a father who lost a 25 year old son in a rock climbing accident.  One of his reflections begins "We took him too much for granted. Perhaps we take each other all too much for granted.  The routines of life distract us; our own pursuits make us oblivious; our anzieties and sorrows, unmindful.  The beauties of the familiar go unremarked.  We do not treasure each other enough (p. 13)."

The tragedy of death makes me wonder if there is ever a way to "die well" as the title of our video suggests.  I believe that death is not our "friend" and that God is activly working against death in this world.  Yet, as all our spiritual practices -- we find hope in the ability to participate in practices that connect with God amidst the absurd of life.

I am reminded from a site that has informed much of this video series,

"In the Christian practice of dying well, Christian people do things with and for one another in response to God's strong love, translating into concrete acts our belief in the resurrection of Christ, and of ourselves. Dying well embraces both lament and hope, and both a sense of divine judgment and an awareness of divine mercy."

As we approach Good Friday, it is important to consider death and to situate our own death and the death of those we love in the larger narrative of Jesus Christ.

May a deep peace and grace be with you this Holy Week.


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