Desert Island #3

by Matt Phelps
Today’s offering is a little longer than a normal anthem, but certainly meets our criteria of being suitable for Sunday morning church... read more

Desert Island continued

by Matt Phelps
Last week, I began the exercise of sharing the five choral pieces that have influenced me the most over the course of my career.... read more

A poem about names and fear…

by Nancy Hawthorne
It’s funny that I’m not great with names — (just in case you didn’t know, pastors are supposed to be good at... read more

Young Adults Give Us Hope for Tomorrow

by John Feldhacker
Over the past 6 years, I have had the pleasure of getting to know many of our newer young adult members though premarital counseling. In... read more

Desert Island 5 Choral Edition

by Matt Phelps
On Facebook, my choral conductor friends have been challenging each other to choose their 5 favorite or life changing choral pieces.  I... read more

Sharing is Caring

by Sean P. Williams
I attended a conference at a church outside of Kansas City last week.  I’m still working through my notes to figure out what... read more

This weekend: A "Little" Bruckner

by Matt Phelps
I was reflecting on our choir anthem for this Sunday, Bruckner's motet Os Justi.  I want to share some thoughts on this piece... read more

The Plunge

by Nancy Hawthorne
Last Friday I skipped from Scales Chapel into Shelley Kuhlmeyer's office elated and talking a mile a minute that I just might be able to... read more

The Image of God We Worship Matters

by John Feldhacker
At West End United Methodist Church our #1 Bedrock Belief is a simple and profound statement. ... read more


by Matt Phelps
Someone asked me in my interview process, "what are the moments in your job that get you really excited?"  I, without... read more

The Transformational Power of Scripture

by Eric Gambill
As a teacher in the public school system, religion is a topic that has to be handled with great care. Being a math teacher, it is far more... read more

Meet Our Habitat Partner Family

by West End UMC
This year, marks the 11th house that West End has been a part of helping to build in partnership with Habitat. This year's partner is... read more