Welcome To Our New Minister of Music

by West End UMC
Matt, Colleen and Noah will join us in August! read more

Welcome Our New Pastor of Missions and Outreach

by West End UMC
Rev. Lisa Gwock will join the West End UMC Staff on August 3. read more

Day 2 - Guatemala Mission Trip

by Trey Harrell, M.D.
Greetings to everyone at West End UMC from lovely San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala!  We on the medical team have just finished our first... read more

Guatemala Mission Trip 2014 - Day 1 - Travel

by Jeff McCormick
It's a beautiful morning in Guatemala! The team is waking up and we are about to have breakfast and travel by boat across Lake Atitlan from... read more

Current featuring Will Blum

by Nancy Hawthorne
Current with Nancy Hawthorne is a weekly discussion of committed to the exploration of faith and culture to live full human lives. ... read more

Celebration -- Lenten Video

by Nancy Hawthorne
This year's Easter service for me was truly a celebration!  When I arrived to work this morning Michael and I had a great conversation... read more

Dying Well -- Lenten Video

by Nancy Hawthorne
A year or so ago a friend loaned me a book called "Lament for a Son" by Nicholas Wolterstorff.  It's a book of reflections of a father... read more

Healing -- Lenten Video

by Nancy Hawthorne
An exerpt from Called into Healing by Linda L. Smith: ... read more

Prayer -- Lenten Video

by Nancy Hawthorne
What role does imagination play in your prayer life?  ... read more

Service -- Lenten Video

by Nancy Hawthorne
This week's Lenten Video is about Service. ... read more

Stewardship -- Lenten Video

by Nancy Hawthorne
One of my favorite poems about Stewardship: ... read more

Simplicity -- Lenten Video

by Nancy Hawthorne
At the heart of the Jewish tradition connected with God's action in creation is the spiritual practice of Sabbath. Every seven days God's... read more