Pre Mission Trip Reflection

This year the youth group is traveling to the Bahamas for our annual mission trip and I could not be more excited. The past mission trips that I have been on have been a blast! Spending a whole week with the youth group is always so fun and it is a great way to quick off the summer. I am looking forward to working with Habitat for Humanity again. In the past I have worked with Habitat through youth and school and it is always really fun. I am also really excited to spend time with other members of the youth since I will be leaving for college in the fall.  Because we are going out of the country the only thing I am nervous about is will we be able to make a special bond with the people in the Bahamas like we have in the past in Alabama and Nashville. My goal for this trip is to try my best to relate to the people as best I can while I am down there. I really want to step outside my comfort zone and making a difference to their lives and their community.


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