Family Christmas Eve Service

At 4 p.m. on Christmas Eve, all ages of children are invited to participate in our worship drama as characters from the Christmas story. Children can choose to be a shepherd, a Wise One, one of the animals, or an angel. Older Elementary children and youth will tell the Christmas story from the Gospels of Luke and Matthew during the drama as the Word is proclaimed.      

Children who wish to dress in costumes for the drama, may come to the theater on the 4th Story Theater at 3:15 p.m. to choose their costume (costumes will be provided). Costumes will be laid out on tables or hanging on clothing racks by category. All children who plan to participate as one of the characters need to arrive no later than 3:45 PM in order to have time to get everyone lined up to process to the sanctuary. Parents of our youngest costumed children are encouraged to walk with your little ones from the theater and in the processional. Pews will be reserved on the lectern side of the center aisle in the sanctuary (opposite where the children are seated) for families with young children and children in the processional. Please be sensitive to whether your child will be more comfortable sitting with you or with the other children prior to being invited to come join the story in the Chancel area.

This year we are asking all children who did not participate in the drama but want to see the baby to come to the Communion rail. The baby will be held up and presented to the congregation for all to see. 

Mary, Joseph, and the baby will lead all the children who are costumed and participated in the worship drama out of the sanctuary to Bishop’s Parlor. Parents may pick up their children in Bishop’s Parlor while the Table is set for Communion. Please leave costumes folded neatly in Bishop’s Parlor. The entire congregation is invited to participate in Holy Communion in the sanctuary.