What is the Legacy Campaign?

It is a program to raise the money specifically to preserve and strengthen our church building so that we can continue worshipping and serving God as the Loving Light of Christ. Where our building is concerned, most of us think primarily of the beauty of our magnificent sanctuary in which we lift our praises to God and from which we are sent to serve. But the entirety of the plant serves in many other ways – hosting Sunday school classes for all age groups, outside groups such as 12-step programs, study groups, fellowship groups, dramatic and musical productions, meals, programs, our daily pre-school. Although we are certainly involved in missions throughout our city and in other parts of the world, our building is the hub of our church life.

Why Now?

Much of our building has experienced deterioration from neglected major exterior maintenance to roofing and the limestone parapets and facade, and the resulting leaks have caused problems with plaster in the interior. Our heating and cooling systems are old and in need of significant repairs and refurbishment. It is past time for this work to be done, which will improve operating efficiency, save money in the long run, and be less taxing on the environment. The annual budget, while designed to cover utility bills and some routine maintenance, cannot keep up with the major upgrades and repairs that our buildings desperately need. Those have accumulated to the point that we must address them or face the buildings’ increasingly rapid deterioration.

What is the financial goal of the Legacy Campaign?

The total is $4.7 million. There are five major foci for the funding, and those are outlined in The Legacy Budget.

How will this campaign work with the Annual Stewardship Campaign?

The two campaigns will run simultaneously in the fall of 2014. It is critical that the Legacy Campaign not interfere with the Annual Stewardship Campaign.

The Annual Campaign funds our operating budget for the year, including staff salaries, utility and operational funds, missions and outreach, and programming funds, as well as our obligations to the larger United Methodist Church, world-wide. The assumption is that you already include your annual contributions to the church in your own budget and giving, and that will continue.

The Legacy Campaign is completely separate, and it is the Legacy Campaign that asks for your sacrificial giving as described in the section “What it means to give sacrificially.”

Please do not cut back your contribution to the Annual Stewardship Campaign in order to give to the Legacy Campaign. If you must choose, please choose the Annual Campaign.

How do I determine my contribution?

Prayerfully consider making a three-year pledge. If you are part of a family, consider it together. A pledge is not a binding contract, but it is a commitment, and your pledge will help the church determine which of the goals of the Legacy Campaign it can undertake and when. Your pledge will also help you budget your gift for this campaign and spread it out over a period of time. More help for you in determining your contribution may be found in the section of this brochure, “What it means to give sacrificially.”

How can I make an over-and-above gift to the Legacy Campaign?

“Over and above” is not feasible for most of us in the normal sense because we simply do not have “over and above” resources. To give such a gift you must (1) reassess your current lifestyle, (2) rearrange priorities, and (3) reallocate resources. For the three-year commitment, you do not need to have the same level of commitment all three years. It may be, for example, that you are able to reallocate more this year than in the next two, and your pledge should reflect that. In any case, this sacrificial giving requires that you spend time in prayer and in assessing, rearranging, and reallocating.

Is there an alternative to giving cash?

Appreciated assets, like investment securities or real estate, can be given to the Legacy Campaign without the benefactor being held liable for capital gains or income tax liability. Another option is for the Legacy Campaign to be a part of your estate planning. While not immediately benefitting the Campaign, this kind of commitment would certainly make strengthening and preserving our church your legacy.

When do I commit to the Legacy Campaign?

Commitment Sunday for both the Annual Stewardship Campaign and the Legacy Campaign is Sunday, November 2. That Sunday is, significantly, All Saints Sunday, when we pay particular attention to those who have gone before us, who have established and strengthened our church in their time and left it as a legacy for us. As their legacy we continue and complete the circle.