Small Groups

Sine Nomine

Topic: Sunday Morning Classes

The Sine Nomine Class is scheduled to accommodate singers in the Chancel Choir, but is open to all.  “Sine Nomine” is latin for “without a name” (we’re a little bit cheeky) and is also the name of the tune for the hymn “For All the Saints” (and “All” means ALL!). We meet from 9:40 – 10:20 am in Room LL5 on the Lower Level. The class is led by a variety of leaders on a wide range of topics.


Based on the choir schedule, our meeting schedule is modified. We will meet from Sept. 10 – Nov. 19, 2017 and from Jan. 7 – Mar. 18, 2018.


Young Adults,Midlife Adults,Mature Adults,Intergenerational



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