West End United Methodist Church

MINISTRIES Congregational Care

In the Congregational Care Ministry Area, we focus on Caring, Supporting and Healing through caring relationships and professional resources. The focus of this ministry is to care for our members, to help people find their place within the congregation by connecting people in meaningful ways to small groups and ministries, and to support people in crisis, transition and separation from church. We strive to do this by helping individuals feel connected to God, connected to others, and connected to themselves.

We believe caring relationships connect us to one another and to God. God uses our caring relationships to make us channels of God’s unconditional love toward others. At West End we believe God created us to care for one another. We believe that every person wants and needs to feel that people care about them. This often happens within the community of faith because as the Body of Christ, we are responsible for caring for the other parts of the body… each other. Care and support occur throughout our church, in many ways, on an individual level as well as within groups like choirs, prayer circles, classes, study groups, and ministry teams.

The Biblical model for care comes through Jesus’ acts of healing, feeding, and honoring others, especially those who were outcast and different. Today caring for each other is an integral part of our journey together toward wholeness in this life.

Healing is a journey toward physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wholeness.
Healing happens in relationship to self, others, and God.
Healing brings peace.
Healing can happen without curing an illness or solving a problem.

Ways you can connect with these important ministries:

  • Pray for others—on your own, or as a part of a prayer group
  • Become a Caring Caller
  • Help us develop Facebook and other social network connections
  • Drive the church van once a month
  • Offer 1 hour a week of computer data entry or administrative support at church
  • Help develop new neighborhood social groups
  • Help create new fun social gatherings
  • Sing or play an instrument at a Taize Service
  • Knit Prayer Shawls at home or as part of a group
  • Become a greeter to embody God’s welcome on Sunday mornings

Count me in! Get more information or volunteer for the ministries listed above.