Ministries Adults Study Opportunities Short Term Studies

Check the Events calendar, our weekly email blasts, and the monthly newsletter for updates and present offerings. Among those frequently offered are:

  • Invitation to the Old Testament
  • Invitation to the New Testament
  • Invitation to the Psalms
  • Invitation to Romans
  • Invitation to the Gospel of John
  • Companions in Christ
  • The Bible: Its Formation & Origins
  • God in the Movies
  • Supporting Your Aging Parents
  • Reconciling Journey: This is a nine-week study for lesbian and gay Christians who have come to a crossroad in their spiritual journey, those who have renounced their Christianity due to hurtful church and cultural experiences but would like to come home, those who have disavowed their sexual orientation but would like to come out, and those who are both out and at home, but have lingering questions. The study is based on the workbook by Michal Anne Pepper, and is offered seasonally.
  • Strengths Ministries: A one-day, life-affirming experience designed to identify, clarify and unleash the individual’s God-given talents and strengths in living faithful, joyful lives using an amazing online inventory as a starting place. One to two hours of preparation time is necessary to complete the online assessment, plus the 8-hour workshop experience will help you become more aware of who you are and who you are called to be as you fulfill your calling as a Christian disciple. For more information about upcoming workshops, contact Adult Christian Formation or watch the events calendar.