Global Outreach

Our global partners offer compassion around the world by providing health care, education, and housing.

AMOS Health and Hope

AMOS Health and Hope’s mission is to improve the health of impoverished communities in Nicaragua by working alongside them in health, education and development. They currently serve alongside 33 communities reaching over 20,000 individuals in disperse, rural communities where there is little or no access to health care.

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Bahamas Methodist Habitat

Bahamas Methodist Habitat is a non-profit outreach ministry of the Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church that focuses on being a catalyst through disaster response and the promotion of community within The Bahamas. They firmly believe that we are each both rich and poor in our lives and it takes all of us to build up each other as we connect resources with needs. They serve communities in need immediately after natural disasters and on a year round basis with families in need of emergency home repair.

Find out more at the Bahamas Methodist Habitat website

ODIM Guatemala

ODIM Guatemala (Organization for the Development of the Indigenous Maya) is focused on providing compassionate, high quality health and education services to the communities of San Juan and San Pablo on Lake Atitlán. ODIM operates two medical clinics, a dental clinic, programs to fight infant malnutrition and diabetes, health education seminars, as well as student scholarship and learning reinforcement programs. ODIM (“O-deem” in Spanish) welcomes medical, dental and construction teams from other countries and invests in the lives of 44 local staff who make a difference in the community year-round. West End sends a mission team annually.

Find out more at the ODIM website

Promise for Haiti

Promise for Haiti serves as the stateside partner of Comite Bienfaisance de Pignon which exists to practically demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ by partnering with, and investing in, local Haitian leaders to provide the best healthcare and education in Haiti. In January 2016, WEUMC will be sending a medical mission team.

Find out more about Promise for Haiti at their website