Ministries Missions & Outreach Global Outreach

  • Honduras / Heifer International

    The Heifer project reaches hundreds of communities, bringing hope to families through the possibility of raising their own animals and receiving benefits from them. Many children facing problems of malnutrition are benefited by this program but the concept of “passing on the gift” – passing on the first offspring to another family – has been the key to project success. West End UMC is connected to Tim & Gloria Wheeler who are serving in Honduras for numerous years with Heifer International. The main focuses of their programs are food security, environmental improvement, and gender equity.

  • Sager-Brown Depot

    Located in Baldwin, LA, the depot is the headquarters for United Methodist Committee on Relief’s supply operations. Approximately $4 million in supplies are shipped each year from the Sager-Brown Depot with the help of more than 2,000 volunteers. Historically, West End UMC has taken mission trips to the Sager-Brown Depot to assist in the organization and coordination of the large amount of supplies collected throughout the country and shipped to the depot to be re-distributed to disaster areas around the world.

  • Nicaragua / AMOS Health & Hope

    The vision of AMOS Health and Hope is to provide high quality health services to people in need with limited or no access to health care. Serving those in need without distinctions based on gender, age, color of skin, ethnicity, religious affiliations or other beliefs, AMOS Health and Hope focuses on the vulnerable sectors of society in Latin America – people living in extreme poverty, especially women and children. They work with community leaders to build sustainable and effective health care that is responsive to local needs.

  • Guatemala / JoAn Dwyer / ODIM

    We support JoAn Dwyer, an individual Volunteer in Mission for the United Methodist Church, and her work with the people of Guatemala through the Organization for the Development of the Indigenous Maya, or ODIM. Among other programs of ODIM, we have most recently supported the Children’s Cultural Exchange program, which functions to reduce racism and classism by bringing together 5 children from the urban capital city and five from the rural villages to live and play together, while experiencing the cultural differences between them.

  • Zimbabwe / Africa University

    We support a student in the Health Sciences at Africa University, a UMC university in Zimbabwe, through the George and Barbara Burrus Scholarship.

  • Africa / Nothing But Nets

    A program of the United Methodist Church, Nothing but Nets" provides to African families mosquito nets, which is one of the most effective tools in preventing the spread of malaria.