New to West End UMC? What to Expect

Everyone is welcome at West End. We believe that God loves everyone unconditionally! Ours is a loving, diverse community of faith that feels called to be The Loving Light of Christ in Nashville and in the world.

We value diversity and share a wide range of religious backgrounds, education levels, political and theological perspectives. We welcome and celebrate the gifts God has given each person regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, economic or family status, ethnicity, or mental or physical abilities. We believe God loves everyone unconditionally!

God seems to be using West End as a source comfort and hope for many, and the community often serves as a safe place to connect with other people struggling with the ambiguities of life. Regardless of what brings you to West End, we sense God at work within the community and we are glad you are considering at time like this to connect. Everyone is welcome at West End United Methodist Church.

Our worship is traditional in nature, featuring our beautiful pipe organ and excellent choir, and includes preaching, prayer – both spoken and silent- and the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion on regular occasions.

West End follows the traditional church calendar for the seasons of the Christian year, often reflected in the themes of the services, the readings and music. The colors of the paraments (linens on the tables, lectern and pulpit) also reflect those seasons. A nursery is provided for any child 5 years old or younger, but all children are welcome in worship. The services can also be heard in Bishop’s Parlor if parents prefer.