2020-2021 West End Scholarship Applications Now Available

The West End Scholarship Committee is now accepting applications for the 2020 - 2021 academic year. Deadline for receipt of all application materials is 5 P.M., Friday, April 24, 2020. There are no exceptions to this deadline.

Scholarship applications should be emailed to 
baseay@aol.com instead of mailing to the church. 

The scholarship categories are as follows:

  • The Casparis Scholarship is given to a graduating high school senior West End member and is based on service to the church, academic record, and potential for future contributions to career and/or community. Financial need may be taken into account, but is not primary.
  • The Blakemore Scholarships are given to deserving people such as ministers, missionaries, teachers, social workers, or people in kindred lines of work pursuing education in those fields.
  • The Heath Jones Blakemore Scholarship supports someone preparing to become a PreK-12 teacher or a current PreK-12 teacher seeking additional professional development.
  • The Ruth Castles Fund supports deserving African Americans and Native Americans pursuing careers in ministry or medicine.
  • The Sara Rodes Fund was established by the United Methodist Women of West End UMC in memory of longtime member and philanthropist Sara Rodes. This scholarship supports higher education for women who have overcome obstacles, need help to complete their education, and are currently enrolled in a program leading to self-sufficiency.

Note: The Blakemore/Jones/Castles/Rodes applications are all on one form.

Please note the following restrictions: Candidates must be living in Tennessee and/or attending a college or university in the State. Please carefully read the requirements for each scholarship to ensure that you are qualified before applying.