Picking Up The Pieces: The Legacies We Leave

This fall we have been focusing the Legacy Campaign, a effort to raise money so we can leave the building that houses our church family repaired and ready for the next generation.  Today I want to talk about another kind of personal legacy that everyone should leave our families, friends and the executors of our estates.

In the difficult months after our son's death in 2011, John and I struggled to settle our single son's estate. We learned (1) records are essential and (2) the internet changes everything.  We realized that we didn't have enough banking or investment records or information about internet accounts, passwords etc. 

As Pastor of Congregational Care at the time, I began writing a booklet that I hoped would spare other families the same experience we had. A copy of Picking Up The Pieces: The Legacy We Leave is available for everyone to be pick up today in Reed Hall and throughout the church. It is also available online at This booklet, put together with help from many people in our church family, will encourage you to provide  rich information to leave behind as your legacy.  I encourage you to take a copy home, fill in all the information that is appropriate for your situation, and put it where it can be accessed by those you leave behind.  While we may think we have lots of time to think about this, as my son did, only God knows if that is so. 

This is my legacy of love given to a church family whose support has been incredible in so many ways over the years.    

In Christ, Rev. Margaret Howell