West End United Methodist Church

Sunrise Easter Service Liturgy

This year we invite you to have a new Easter tradition!  

You are invited to host your own sunrise Easter worship designed to be celebrated in or around your home.  The service should take around 10-15 minutes.  It begins in darkness at 6:10 a.m. and will be celebrated as the sun rises. If possible, people should gather outside, but if the weather is bad, you can plan the service inside your house.  If you would like, you can build a fire which symbolizes the resurrection!  You can build it on the ground, in a fire pit, or in a fireplace and have it burning during the worship service.  In addition to the fire (or instead of the fire) have a large (usually white) candle, signifying the light of Christ.  You will choose your own songs from a list of suggestions and each person takes turns leading the various parts of the worship service.