Volunteer Opportunity - Putting Faith to Work Ministry Team

Putting Faith to Work focuses on addressing the employment needs of church members and others with disabilities. With support from the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, our ministry team will help people with disabilities make connections to meaningful employment opportunities by drawing upon the relationships and resources of congregation members.

As a part of Putting Faith to Work, we will:

  1. Assist community/congregation members with physical or other disabilities to find, maintain, and/or advance in their employment and careers over the next year
  2. With the identified person(s) with a disability, determine personal employment goals and steps to achieve those goals with support and resources available through Vanderbilt
  3. Connect and share with other congregations involved in the Putting Faith to Work project

You can participate at any step of the process! The group currently meets monthly and is looking for more people to participate, as well as people with disabilities who desire employment. Being a part of this exciting ministry does not involve a huge commitment—only a desire to help people with disabilities discover their calling and vocation. For more information, contact Jenny Gustafson at or 615-936-7075.