The Legacy Budget

$4.7 million to sustain our strong foundation

To continue our God-given vision “to be the Loving Light of Christ, connecting and transforming,” we must strengthen and preserve the legacy we have been given, and in this campaign, specifically our physical plant. To that end, the Legacy Campaign will accomplish these things:

Exterior repairs

................. ♦ approximately $745,000

Exterior repairs to two-thirds of the building (such repairs to the sanctuary have been completed) will not only repair damage but will prevent further water infiltration/migration and damage.

Finishes and signage

................. ♦ approximately $860,000

Remodeling and modernizing nine remaining restrooms, newly finishing the first and second-floor hallways (including slate floors), painting, and also upgrading the elevator cab will fortify these well-used sections of the building. Installing interior signage that was previously planned but never funded will help members and visitors get where they need to be in the building.

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing

................. ♦ approximately $1.7 million

Updating all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems will reduce operating and maintenance costs while providing energy efficiency, thus promoting good stewardship of the environment.

Fire protection and life safety

................. ♦ approximately $751,000

Installing an enhanced access control system for the Day School and completing fire sprinkler coverage for the remainder of the education wing will provide an overdue and much needed degree of safety. The remaining debt from the previous fire safety work will be retired.

Multimedia systems

................. ♦ approximately $680,000

Installing new multimedia systems with their necessary hardwire and wiring will enhance audio/visual capabilities within and outside the church in ways through which current and future generations commonly communicate.

Our physical structure stands as a continued lasting inspiration to both the old and the young, pointing the way to the highest and best in human life. On any given day, in any given week, our church uses its campus and its buildings so that the lives and communities of Nashville, and beyond, are transformed by our spiritual and physical structure and God’s grace.

Timing for pledge payment is flexible. A typical pledge will be paid over three years.