West End United Methodist Church

A Practical Theology of Inclusion with Austen Hartke


Join author and Old Testament scholar Austen Hartke for an afternoon of lunch and learning. Austen will help us explore practical applications of Scripture and theology as we seek to draw the circle wide for all of God’s children. The afternoon will beging with lunch followed by two training sessions with Austen (see details below).  A $10 registration fee covers your lunch. Please register by September  11 below.

  • Session 1: Seeing Diverse Sexualities and Gender Identities in the Bible - Have you ever heard someone say that being gay is a sin, or that it’s not possible to be transgender and Christian? Do you have questions about the verses in the Bible that talk about things like clothing and gender roles? Come take a journey through scripture as we take a closer look at the "clobber passages" used against LGBTQI2A folks and highlight the stories of the Bible's colorful non-conformers.
  • Session 2: LGBTQ+ Allyship for Christians - Pull up a chair and learn about all of the identities represented in the LGBTQIP2A acronym! We’ll learn about what all those letters mean, who uses what pronouns, how sexuality is different from gender, and why any of this matters if we agree that love for our neighbor is the bottom line. We'll look at individual and communal ways of working for safety and justice for all people, and move our theology from the hypothetical to the practical.

To learn more about Austen, visit austenhartke.com


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