West End United Methodist Church

Auditions for The Hurting Part

The 4th Story Theater announces auditions for The Hurting Part, a new play by Silas House directed by Kirk McNeill.

Set in the small Dayton, Ohio, apartment of Thelma and Simeon Smallwood, December of 1962, we struggle with the values of family and home, love and loyalty.  This family story is ours, too.  Through it we are reminded of deep detachment and homesickness in our lives when Christmas feels like the reliving of them all over again.  “Nobody talks about the hurting part of Christmas. Sometimes that’s the biggest part of all.”

Casting is for:

  • Thelma - (age 20’s or 30’s)
  • Patty - (age 20’s or 30’s)
  • Simeon - (age 20’s or 30’s)
  • Darrell - (age 20’s or 30’s)
  • Betty - (age 15 to 19)
  • Young Thelma - (age 15 to 19)
  • Young Simeon - (age 15 to 19)

Auditions will be held on stage at the 4th Story Theater, September 19-21.

Saturday, September 19 -  11 a.m.
Sunday, September 20  -  2 p.m.
Monday, September 21  -  7 p.m.

Appointments for an audition day and time may be made by contacting Martha Ann Pilcher at maspilcher@bellsouth.net

Performance dates are: November 15, 16, 20, 21, 22