West End United Methodist Church

Loving Our Neighbor As Ourselves: A Time with District 21 Councilman Brandon Taylor on how to be a good neighbor

In person on our campus and livestreamed on Facebook and  Livestream

West End is delighted to host an evening with District 21 Councilman Brandon Taylor.  He will share with us about the 37208 report and about things he is passionate about that he feels we should be aware of in our community. His time with us is guided by this question : "How can West End be a good neighbor in our very diverse district?"

This is your opportunity to engage with a Metro Nashville City Councilperson. What questions do you have for him? What would you like him to know within his capacity as councilman for our district? Do you have a concern about our community you'd like him to address? He will talk for 45 minutes and then answer questions for 45 minutes. Please submit your questions ahead of time by filling out this form below.

Questions? Email Rev. Stacey Harwell-Dye at sharwelldye@westendumc.org


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