West End United Methodist Church

And It Was Very Good

Speakers:Carol Cavin-Dillon
Topics:Children's moment, Holy communion, Sermon, Sunday service

Today we begin a sermon series using texts from Genesis with the theme “Family Matters,” this one from the creation story in Genesis 1.  It is clear from the very first pages of the Bible that God called on the earth to “bring forth,” to be co-creator, and that humans were created in God’s own image.  God pronounces creation “very good.”  This has much to say for our current unrest resulting from injustice and from some humans viewed as less than human, because it is clear that all humans were created in God’s own image.  The creation story also has much to say about our responsibility in and for creation.   (NOTE: We usually post the 11 o’clock service, but with the COVID-19 threat we are having only the 8:45 service today, and that is the service we are posting.  NOTE:  Although the video begins with the Children’s Moment, once it starts you can scroll back to the beginning of the service if you want.  The video of the entire service is available to watch.)


  • :Genesis 1 & 2, selected verses



And It Was Very Good (Children's Moment & Communion Meditation)