West End United Methodist Church

Impossible Possibilities

Speakers:Nancy Parker
Topics:Advent, Holy communion, Sunday service

This is the second Sunday in advent, and the scripture is part of a vision in Isaiah 11 that starts with the “stump of Jesse” and describes with imagery a world in which there are peace and love.  Rev. Nancy Parker is preaching and gives a personal example of a fig tree she and her husband planted and cared for that appeared, after the first winter, to have become a “fig stick.”  But with care, they eventually saw a branch or two leaf out.  She says most of us know how it feels to be a “stump,” waiting for life, and that is what Advent is all about – waiting for life with belief in the power and presence of God.  Advent, then, is holy anticipation.   (NOTE: Reflecting the importance of the Word, the video begins with the scripture, but once it starts you can scroll back to the beginning of the service if you want.  The entire service is videoed.  NOTE: Due to staffing shortage, the video of the Late Service will not be available until later in the week.)


  • Isaiah :11:1-10


Early Service Bulletin (12/4/2022)

Late Service Bulletin (12/4/2022)


Impossible Possibilities (Scripture Reading, Children's Moment, and Communion Meditation