West End United Methodist Church

Return (Maundy Thursday Communion)

Speakers:Stacey Harwell-Dye
Topics:Holy communion, Lent

Maundy Thursday communion is a commemoration of the Last Supper Jesus had with the Twelve.  It is a dark evening with the betrayal, trials, and crucifixion awaiting.  But it is also a necessary remembrance of the darkness right before the resplendent light of the resurrection on Easter Sunday.  Stacey Harwell-Dye delivers the Communion Meditation, "Return," which has been the theme of this year's Lenten season. (NOTE: The video begins with that Communion Meditation, but, once it starts you can scroll back to the beginning of the service, if you want.)


  • John :13:1-17, 31b-35


Maundy Thursday Bulletin 4/18/2019