West End United Methodist Church

Taizé Service of Prayer and Healing, July 2022

Speakers:Sally Ahner
Topics:Taizé Service of Prayer and Healing

The Taizé Service of Prayer and Healing is a different kind of worship service. Contemplative in nature, it is one of the ways to get in touch with one’s mystical self in the company of others with a similar intent.  As she has for years, Sally Ahner introduces the service and leads it.  The reading for today is the very familiar Parable of the Mustard Seed (Luke 13.18-19).  There is also a special reading done by the Rev. Becca Stevens.  A pdf of the program containing all of the music is available below to view or download.  (NOTE: There was a microphone problem partway through the service, so that several segments when Sally talks are not audible.  Editing the audio recording made those sections a little more audible, so if you want to hear what she said in those places, please listen to and/or download the mp3.)


  • Luke :13:18-19


Taizé Service Bulletin (7/17/2022)