West End United Methodist Church

West End UMC Discernment Statement

As the United Methodist Church heads toward another General Conference in May of 2020, our Discernment Team has spent much time listening to our congregation and listening for the Holy Spirit in order to craft a statement of who West End UMC is together in this moment. Recognizing and feeling together the harm that has been caused by the current policies of the denomination, we pray that this statement can hold us until May, when we hope to have a way to move forward.

Welcome to West End UMC
The Loving Light of Christ: Connecting, Transforming
Everyone is welcome at West End! We seek to be the loving light of Christ
in Nashville and beyond. We gather as the people of God with a wide range of
religious backgrounds, education levels, political and theological perspectives,
and we value that diversity. We welcome and celebrate the gifts God has given to all without regard to gender, race, sexual orientation, economic
or family status, ethnicity, or mental or physical ability.
We believe God loves everyone unconditionally.

We want all to know who we are, what we believe, and what we can count on 
from each other. 

We believe the new rules effective January 2020 and the current language of the Book of Discipline, stating “the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching” are irreconcilable with our mission. Therefore, we advocate for the full inclusion of all people in the life and ministries of The United Methodist Church without exception. 

We pledge to continue our love and support of all members of the congregation and the diversity of perspectives represented. We trust that though we may not think alike, we can love alike as Christ loves.

We celebrate each individual as a child of God.

No matter who you are or where you are on your faith journey, you are welcome here.

We are not alone. God is with us, and we belong to one another.

The statement was crafted by the Discernment Team and endorsed by our Ministry Table.