West End United Methodist Church

Centering Your Week Nov. 10, 2021

This is a Wednesday evening series that rotates each month through WORD (scriptures for the month), WISDOM (Rev. Baxter interviews a guest), WONDER (exploring spiritual practices), and WAY (the way we live out our faith, ministries of compassion and care).  Tonight’s session is WISDOM, a book chat in which Rev. Brandon Baxter interviews Keegan Osinski, Vanderbilt Divinity School librarian, scholar, and author of the book, Queering Wesley, Queering the Church.   She first explains her trek through introduction to religion through The Church of the Nazarene, and her movement through her development as a librarian and theological training.  She has always been intrigued by John Wesley, and in the book she has taken (ten) specific Wesleyan sermons through queer theology in both a fun and serious way.  Both in the book and in this chat she explains queer theology, taking things apart, re-imagining.  “Queering” as a verb is a questioning.  She hits on some main Wesleyan themes that have risen to the top in her mind, and in the conversation they explore such topics as humility, holiness, and grace.