West End United Methodist Church

Following Jesus in the Heart of the City: Session with Bishop Will Willimon

Speakers:Bishop Will Willimon

Bishop Will Willimon was invited to spend the morning at West End, talking about the place of a large downtown United Methodist Church in 2019.  All members were invited as was anyone else interested.  This took place in West End’s Fourth Floor Theatre.  Senior Minister Carol Cavin-Dillon introduced Will to the group then came back later to moderate a Q&A portion.  There are some things to know before you watch the video or listen to the audio:

(1) There was a microphone issue with Bishop Willimon early on, so that there is a period when you can see him talking but not hear him.  His mic comes on at about 4:20 (4 minutes, 20 seconds) into the recording, and it does so very loudly.  Adjustments brought the level down about a minute later.

(2) Although there is not a break in the video or audio because they have been edited together, Will suggested the group take a 15-minute break about an hour and 10 minutes into the recordings.  After that, he made a few comments and then called Carol forward and took questions.  The first questions were written questions that people had submitted.  Carol read them and Will responded.  After that, Carol took questions and comments from the audience, repeated them for all to hear, and then Will responded.

(3) On Sunday following this Saturday session, Will preached in both services.  The video and audio recordings of those services may be found elsewhere on this web site (go to HOME>MEDIA>SERMONS AND SERVICES).