West End United Methodist Church

Lenten Noon Concert Series 2022 (2nd Concert)

Topics:Concert, Lent

This is the second in our annual series of Lenten Noon Concerts, held on Thursdays through the season of Lent.  This concert features Dr. Shana Mashego, soprano, with Dr. Matthew Phelps accompanying her on the piano.  Dr. Mashego’s preparation, research, and accomplishments in music, particularly in the history and preservation of African American music, have contributed greatly to the breadth and depth of those fields.  She is a resident of Nashville.  Dr. Phelps is West End’s Minister of Music.  The program today is a series of seven hymns and spirituals.  A pdf of the program with details about the artists and the music program is available for viewing and/or download below. 


Lenten Noon Concert Program (3/10/2022)