West End United Methodist Church

All are welcome to participate in Sunday Morning Classes (aka “Sunday School”) each week. These groups span every stage of life and encompass various points along the spiritual journey. Classes meet at 9:45 AM unless noted otherwise in their descriptions. We hope you will join us as we deepen our relationships with God and one another! Some classes are currently meeting online or in hybrid format. Please email class contacts for Zoom online meeting links.


Open Study – Temporarily Meeting in Room 307 (Online Option Available)

Class Description: Intergenerational discussion; progressive as it explores faith and contemporary issues while practicing mission and justice.

Current Focus: During the month of October, we will examine world religions and compare the basic truths and dogma of each with our Christian Faith. What are the conections and differences in the moral code and  how people live their faithfulness in daily living.

Contacts: Judy Helfer, judy.helfer@gmail.com                                                                           Phyllis Sells, thesells836@gmail.com


Sine Nomine – Room LL5

Class Description: The time for this class is designed for Chancel Choir members, but all are welcome. 9:40 - 10:20 a.m. The class is led by a variety of leaders on a wide range of topics. (Class Currently on Hiatus)


The Quest – Room 305 (Online Only for Fall 2021)

Class Description: The Quest is a book study group, and the format is class participation and discussion. Adults of all age groups attend. The class is composed of both married people and singles; and both men and women.

Contacts: John Ahner, john.f.ahner@vanderbilt.edu                                                              Mary Mitchell, mmmitchell207@gmail.com


Discourse and Discovery – Room 306 (Online Option Available)

Class Description: Intergenerational community of strength, acceptance, and support linking faith and spirituality to events in our lives.

Current Focus: In October, regular teacher Tom Lee will facilitate us in an examination of the lectionary Scripture texts on October 10 and October 24 onward. On October 17, we will learn about the mission and work of UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief. 

Contacts: Ed Zinkiewicz, edzspoons45@gmail.com                                                                 Anita Schmid, anitaschmid350@gmail.com


Christians Under Construction – Room 307 (Online Only for Fall 2021)

Class Description: Energetic baby boomers, both singles and couples, who enjoy diverse studies and loose structure.

Contact: Robert Brown, robert37204@gmail.com


Foundations – Room 310 

Class Description: Foundations is a class of young married couples and growing families on a journey to building lasting relationships with both our spouses and each other by friendship,  fellowship and studying the word of God.

Contacts: Molly Myer, mcallistermolly@gmail.com                                                                Josh Roberts, joshua.broberts@gmail.com


College Lunch @ Noon

Join the undergrad and graduate student community for lunch and faith discussions following the late worship service. They gather each week in Reed Hall.


Mosaic – Room 317 (Online Option Available)

Class Description: A group of 20 and 30 somethings who come from various walks of life as we share the journey of spiritual growth together, we are a combination of singles and couples, with and without kids. We are truly a “mosaic” of younger adults doing our best to be disciples of the God known in Jesus Christ whose boundary-breaking love shapes our lives. 

Current Focus: In Fall 2021, we will be disucssing the book "Faith After Doubt" by Brian McLaren. We will explore points from 2-3 chapters each Sunday from August 22 - October 10. We will not meet on Labor Day (September 5).

Contact: Nick Deitmen, nick.deitmen@gmail.com


Benton Restoration – Room 318

Class Description: Primarily comprised of couples in their early to mid-30’s, this class seeks to walk in faith together as we dig deeply into biblical and topical studies together. We seek connection to other couples at WEUMC while honoring the busyness of one another’s lives.  Come as you are and as you are able! 

Current Focus: Beginning on September 19, Sarah McCain will lead a 4-week study on the Gospel of Mark. 

Contact: Katie Ward, kk.watson@comcast.net


Cokesbury – Room 319 (Online Option Available)

Class Description: Mature adults engaging in lively Christian conversation within a  community of love, grace, and humor.

Current Focus: In October, West End member Jim Vines will join us as our guest teacher for the month.

Contact: Bill Bayer, wbayer@bayerarchitect.com


Bible and Spirit – Room 320 (Online Option Available)

Class Description: Midlife and Mature adults focused on biblical themes or subjects with the intention of learning, personal application, and spiritual growth.

Current Focus: Fern Richie will lead class in September 2021. Rev. James Sewell will teach in October 2021.

Contacts: Nancy Jones, nancypj@bellsouth.net                                                                       Sue Smith, suedsmith@comcast.net


Making Room – Room 321

Class Description: Married couples in their 30’s with or without children gathering for topic studies, monthly potlucks, and volunteer opportunities.

Current Focus: In September and October, we are reading and discussing Richard Rohr's book "The Immortal Diamond."

Contacts: Jodie Gambill, jodie.gambill@gmail.com                                                                Brent Clark, BrentClark@hcahealthcare.com


Saints and Sinners - Room 322 (Online Option Available)

Class Description: Midlife and Mature Adults inviting speakers, from within the Church and without, to address a diverse range of topics.

Current Focus: Our class will reconvene on September 12, 2021 with a social hour. On September 19, guest speaker Gordon Peerman will address us on the issue of grief. On September 26, we will participate in one of WEUMC's Project Thrive "Future" conversations. In October of 2021, Heath Jones will lead for the entire month on the theme "Who Is God" or "Ancient Creation Stories."

Contacts: Sammy Swor, svs@comcast.net                                                                                  Sallie Norton, sallienorton@gmail.com


Cornerstone – Room 323 (Online Option Available)

Class Description: Mostly married couples and some singles from early 40s to early 60s engaging in a wide variety of biblical study, discussion, and spiritual development topics from current authors, speakers and theologians.  

Current Focus: In October, we will continue with the Adam Hamilton series, "Words of Life - Jesus and the Promise of the Ten Commandments Today."

Contacts: John Bryant, jmbryantjr@comcast.net                                                                   George Lynch, glynch@tsclinic.com


Young Adults – Room 402

A class for young adults in the 18-25 year age range.  Join Nancy Parker, Pastor of Young Adults and Vanderbilt Wesley Fellowship, as she leads  weekly discussions on a variety of faith-related topics.

If you would be interested in starting a new Sunday morning class, please let us know. We are always excited to support new opportunities for spiritual growth. 

For more information about current classes or starting a new class, please contact Brandon Baxter, Pastor of Spiritual Formation, at bbaxter@westendumc.org.

Updated - 8/2021
= Reconciling Ministries Class