West End United Methodist Church

We all know it can be difficult to find a group of friends that grow in faith together.  Journey to the Table is a retreat that will create space for those relationships to develop.  There will be a series of talks (like Ted Talks) --about our relationship with God, balancing life, Christian action, and living our faith-- paired with discussion groups and activities. Plus lots of good food, t-shirt making, and a bonfire.

This Year's Retreat is Friday March 27-29th.  REGISTER HERE!


The Journey to the Table Retreat every year. Join other young adults, ages 18-35 as we build community and explore our faith.

We spend our time together learning, reflecting, and discussing topics such as identity, relationships, grace, and Christian action. Journey to the Table guides participants to explore their own story, their faith journey, Scripture, and how they might use their experience and passions to transform their homes, schools, places of work, and communities.