Lay Leadership

Ministry Table

Chair: Amy Lynch
Chair-Elect: Davis Turner
Past Chair: Allan Horner

Staff Parish Relations

Chair: Brian Payne
2019 Panel: Janie Parmley, Brian Payne, Doug Arnold
2020 Panel: Frank Clement, Jennifer Cook
2021 Panel: Melora Turner, Tiffany Davis, Tom Whitworth
Preschool Representative: Tom Whitworth

Lay Leadership

Chair: Will Reynolds
2019 Panel: Carolyn Von Lunen, Tom Lee, Kay Gabbert
2020 Panel: W. O. Greene, Will Reynolds, Fern Richey
2021 Panel: Bill Walker, Mary Sanford Hay, Casey Reed


Chair: Lee Fentriss
2019 Panel: Brian Freeman, Lee Fentriss, Karen Bryant
2020 Panel: Anthony Hendren, Claudia Huskey, Robert Riley
2021 Panel: Bill Bayer, Allison Walker, Doug Brown


Chair: Alan Horner
2019 Panel: Ashley Larmer, Kathy Moss, Emma Munderloh
2020 Panel: Chip Frensley, Wes Goodwin, Mallory Perdue
2021 Panel: Jeff Fisher, Matt Hardin, Erica Garrison

Administrative Support

Ministry Table Secretary: Jamie Flick
Treasurer: Cathy Shull and Lois Adkinson

Lay Delegates to Conference (a four-year term)

2017-2020: Anita Schmid,Ty Finch, Bryan Roberson, Zac Kelly, Sarah Williams
Alternate Delegate to Conference 2017-2020: Carolyn VonLunen, Tom Lee, Jennifer Hoffman
Youth Delegate to Conference: Selected by Youth