2014 Year-End Stewardship Updates

Below are the results of our Legacy Campaign as of December 31:

  •   285 pledges totaling $3,888,574.78
  • Unpledged gifts totaling $655,291.73
  • Total cash received so far of $2,091,767.71
  • Total pledges and gifts = $4,543,866.51
  • 573 families, individuals, and Sunday School classes selected stained glass pieces as part of our Legacy of Light
  • 2000 quarters collected by our children’s ministry program, exceeding their goal of 1874 (and representing the year West End became a station church)

    Thanks to so many of you for the wonderful spirit of generosity you have shown. These pledges and gifts will indeed help us sustain our strong foundation and continue to be the Loving Light of Christ. Regular updates on progress of the ongoing work to our building will be available on our website,, under the “Legacy Campaign” tab. Some “invisible” work on waterproofing and mechanical systems is already underway. 

As a reminder, the Trustees and our Building and Grounds Committee have identified renovation and repair needs 
totaling $4.7 million.  That goal is within our grasp. Legacy Campaign pledges and gifts can be made online at

Faithful Giving Campaign
As of December 31, our 2015 Faithful Giving campaign has produced 393 pledges totaling $1,661,000, for an average pledge of $4,200. This compares to 550 pledges totaling $1,865,000 in 2014, and an average pledge of $3400. Our 2015 campaign work is not done, and we typically receive pledges in January and February each year. 

If you have not yet made your 2015 pledge, please do so now. 

Our 2015 annual budget is essentially flat over 2014 and your support is needed to continue our ministries at full strength. Faithful Giving pledges and gifts can be made online at