Take The Flag: Children's Summer Sunday Morning Groups

Children will have an opportunity to learn how to live as disciples of Jesus Christ as we use a popular sport – auto racing. Each week the different flags used in auto racing will provide signals for an area of faith development. As children participate they learn that through acts of prayer, worship, compassion, and justice they will grow as disciples.

Come Be Part of the Crew! 
Volunteers are needed to help guide our children’s Sunday morning groups this summer.  We want to respect and honor the wonderful ways that many of our regular teachers have taught each week during the past school year by giving them a much needed break!  The curriculum will be fun and easy to use. Some of the opportunities that are available are to lead small groups for preschool or elementary age children; lead large group gathering of preschool and elementary age children; or to be a prayer partner. Contact Becky Peeler at for more information or to sign up!