West End United Methodist Church

Join Us for "Table Talk"

Sunday Mornings in July (10,17,24) at 9:45 AM // McWhirter Hall and Online 
The past two years have kept many of us separated and disconnected from one another. As we begin to live back into rhythms of worship, prayer, and fellowship, one of the most important things we will do as a church over the next year is reconnect with old friends and establish relationships with new siblings in Christ. We invite you to join us on three Sunday mornings in July where we will gather for guided, but casual, conversations around the table with coffee and light snacks. Each week, lay facilitators will guide us as we talk, share, grow, and laugh together. Everyone is welcome to join. Our sessions will be centered around three major topics of discussion: Faith & Spirituality, Life in the Church, and Our Witness in the World. 
For those at home, we will have a completely Zoom version of these discussions. Just as folks in McWhirter will talk around tables, we will have a Zoom link where you can break into groups and connect and share virtually. Just join the following link each week at 9:45. Link: