West End United Methodist Church

RFQ Deadline: August 31 at 11:59 PM

When thinking about the role of art in our faith formation, West End United Methodist Church (West End UMC), formed a task force to offer opportunities to grow deeper in faith through art and art experiences that offer diverse perspectives and understandings of God, Christ, spirituality, and discipleship.

The Task Force for Rethinking Art Inclusion has a vision for the art at West End UMC to be an effective tool for education, an inspiration to the Church to be the loving light of Christ in the world, and a welcoming place for all people.

The task force releases this Request for Qualifications to commission a new work of art for the art collection of West End UMC that offers diverse perspectives & understandings of God and the people of God both historically and today. Artists must be local to the Nashville area. Black, Indigenous, People of Color and LGTBQ+ artists are especially encouraged to submit their portfolios.

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR PORTFOLIO To be considered, interested artists should submit 6-9 representative works from their existing portfolio, an artist statement, and a short narrative statement about their unique perspective on God & Faith and how that would be reflected in a commissioned work of art.

REVIEW PROCESS Portfolios will be shared with a selection committee and 2-4 artists will be selected to submit a full proposal depicting the concept for a new work to be created within the allotted budget. Artists might select stories from scripture, abstract ideas on the nature of God or faith, or anything that engages others on their journey of discipleship and deepening faith. Unique ideas and approaches are welcome. The 2-4 full proposals will be presented to the congregation to offer feedback prior to the selection of one artist to be commissioned to fully realize their proposal.

PAYMENT Upon completion and submission of the full proposal, each artist will be paid a $250 payment for their labor creating the proposal. The selected artist will receive an additional payment of $3,500 for their final artwork and limited license. The deadline to deliver the final artwork is November 1.

The final work will become the property of West End UMC upon payment of applicable fees. The artist retains the sole copyright and provides West End with a limited license to print images of the final work in church bulletins and other materials related to the art collection at West End UMC.

Unfortunately, the form is not active at this time.