West End United Methodist Church

Sunday Morning Services

Our two primary services are at 8:45 and 11:00 each Sunday morning. These services are basically the same except that the earlier service omits some elements and is therefore somewhat shorter. The choirs for these services are also different and so the choral offerings will vary.

Our sanctuary was built in a gothic style whose floor plan is in the shape of a cross. The focal point of our worship space includes the Christ window which the congregation faces from the nave and the cross placed on the table at the center of the chancel area.

Within the chancel area are the pulpit on the right side, from which the Word of God is preached, and the lectern on the left, from which the Word of God is read. In the center of the chancel below the cross is placed the Table, a reminder that we are all invited to the table of the Lord to receive God’s grace and the elements of Holy Communion.

West End follows the traditional church calendar for the seasons of the Christian year, often reflected in the themes of the services, the readings and music. The colors of the paraments (linens on the tables, lectern and pulpit) also reflect those seasons. A nursery is provided for any child 5 years old or younger, but all children are welcome in worship. The services can also be heard in Bishop’s Parlor if parents prefer.

Sample Order of Worship.pdf