West End United Methodist Church

What will West End UMC look like in 2030?

The WEUMC congregation is a diverse, Christ-centered, judgment-free community of belonging where all are loved, seen, heard, accepted, supported, and actively engaged in the life of the church.

Mercy and Justice
WEUMC invites people into our church with unconditional, enthusiastic, and genuine welcome. We create innovative opportunities to use our space and other resources to meet the needs of our neighbors. Every day of the week we participate in the transformative work God is doing beyond our walls.

Spiritual Formation
WEUMC is a community of believers who walk alongside one another, growing together in faith and love. We mature in faith through worship, small groups, and intergenerational learning that nourish spiritual growth from birth through adulthood. We are a center of learning and dialogue in the heart of the city.

Worship at WEUMC is accessible, innovative, theologically grounded, and love-centric. The worship experience invites every person to be in relationship with Christ in an inclusive, hopeful, and grace-filled way.

God-Sized Dreams

  • are stated in the affirmative, as if already happening
  • create new relationships, including intergenerational partnerships
  • bridge the best of “what is” toward “what might be”
  • require sanctified imaginations, stretching the status quo by pushing boundaries
  • necessitate new learning
  • challenge organizational assumptions and routines
  • construct a proposition of what is possible, expressed as if it were already true

Taken from Memories, Hopes, and Conversations Appreciative Inquiry and Congregational Change, by Mark Lau Branson