West End United Methodist Church

Death is a universal experience of life. A significant aspect of the ministry of your staff at West End United Methodist Church is to join with you in facing death. Your ministers offer their presence at any time of crisis and especially when death is imminent or has occurred. In the event of death they want to be called at any hour.

A Christian funeral (when the body is present) or memorial service (when the body is not present) is an opportunity for believing people to gather in faith to praise God for the gift of life. It is also an opportunity to ask God for strength and courage to accept death.

The church seeks to help its members express their faith in their response to death as well as in their daily lives.

Death presents an occasion for the church to unite in the celebration of the victory of faith. There will be mourning but the mourner is undergirded by the fellowship of the people of God.

In the event of death, contact a minister of the church. During the day, you may call Cindy Siemer at 615.321.8500, ext. 8822. She will put you in contact with a minister. If you call the church at night, an automated answering machine will tell you how to contact the minister in case of an emergency. Please do not hesitate to call regardless of the hour.

Funeral and Memorial Service Guide (PDF)