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We support the teachers, students, staff, and families of H.G. Hill Middle School through our relationship with United 4 Hope. 



In-person learning is happening in school!  However, some families chose to stay virtual. About 30% of students are still learning from home. 

Teacher Workroom Happy Wagon
There is no need to sign up anymore to drop donations since the building is open.  You can come with your donations when it is convenient, between 10 am and 2 pm. I would be very thankful if you could share it widely and direct any questions back to Maggie. Margaret.Dicks@mnps.org Here's a flier with more information:HGHillHappy.pdf


If you would like to make yourself available for virtual mentoring/tutoring, please let Maggie know your interest. You will need to have completed the online tutoring training, and your Pencil Background check must be current. They will email you if it expires. Margaret.Dicks@mnps.org

The online training link is here: https://canvas.instructure.com/enroll/R6DYMG

Questions, contact lynhoyt@gmail.com or janelle.wommer@operationandrew.org

U4H Live Out Love Nashville

Hillwood High School is creating a Community Resource room stocked with baby items, food, clothing, and more for our students and families in need. We would gladly accept help to make our room (an ex-classroom) beautiful and welcoming to our students and families. - bulletin boards need an upgrade of backdrop and border -walls and doors can be painted -if possible, hanging rods to be installed on cinder block walls. Jeremy Quinonez, the Community Achieves Site Manager, is looking for support for their community room project. 

WEUMC has been invited to this project. We can take the lead and do a supply drive; there are many things to help kick off this effort. Whatever we feel we have the capacity to do. They are looking to launch on April 24th. Is anyone interested in being the point person?

Trauma-Informed Practices to Support Resilience - PART 1 

U4H held their first webinar Q&A on trauma-informed practice. I want to share the recording with those who are interested but who could not attend. Part 2 was held this week. And as soon as that recording is posted, I will share the link.

Childhood trauma is not just a mental health problem but an educational problem that, if left unaddressed, can derail academic achievement and school success for countless students. We build on the foundational information provided in part 1 of this series (see above) by directly applying it to the school setting. We share a practical and applied model of trauma-informed practices adults can use right away to support all students in experiencing greater success at school and throughout life. We focus on adult mindset, building strong relationships and connections, supporting regulation, and promoting wellness for the students we work with and ourselves. . Please watch the recording of part 1 here: https://bit.ly/ACESPt1


And as always, any time you spend writing, thinking, responding, donating, planning, or volunteering_ record your time. Your time can be recorded at any time online. We must record our volunteer hours to help U4H measure their impact and sustain their work. https://bit.ly/U4HVolHours

Thank you all for your continued interest in helping H.G.Hill Middle and Hillwood HS. If you subscribe to the Tennessean and see this article, see our Rock Star Leslie Homra featured volunteering for Hillwood food drops. Thank you, Leslie, for all you have done to help keep families fed during this pandemic.

How a year of COVID-19 changed Southern schools — for good

If you are assisting, please log your volunteer hours! It's easy.  Just click on this link and log any and all hours you spend in support of students, teachers, families, and HG Hill! https://secure.lglforms.com/form_engine/s/smb3A0EZOuS4ETS861-yqQ