West End United Methodist Church

Volunteer With Our Spotlight Organization
Our Church chooses a “Spotlight Organization” to give a sizable grant from our Mercy and Justice Ministry.  The Villages of Glencliff is in the second year for this grant.  As a church, we commit our time and funds to this organization throughout the year. Kay Gray is managing our volunteers for Glencliff, and she has given those volunteers the nickname “village people”!

The first volunteer opportunity for this year is to be “a village person for a VIP.” The VIPS are the residents who are there on short medical respite. This task is solely for friendship: you will receive the name and contacts for your VIP and you may send a card, call them, and if willing, a short visit.  Volunteers will be given guidance and, since the VIP will be leaving the Village within 2 months, the village person volunteer will have a definite end time for the commitment.  There are ten residents so we would be happy for 10 “village people” here at West End to step up now: