West End United Methodist Church

Project Transformation Reading Week

West End is partnering with Project Transformation TN for its 13th summer.  Project Transformation is a United Methodist affiliated ministry that provides leadership development and ministry exploration opportunities to college-age young adults.  Working with churches in low-income neighborhoods in Middle Tennessee, these emerging leaders coordinate community-oriented programs for underserved children and youth focusing on literacy and social emotional learning. Here are some ways you can be involved:

  • Read with Children – West End’s reading week will be Monday – Thursday, July 8 – 11 at Woodbine UMC from 9:30AM – 12:15PM.  Each day, we will provide 10 volunteers to read with children.  Ages 13 years and up are encouraged to volunteer.  
  • Provide a Meal – 21 young adult interns will be living in community as they lead programming and explore vocational opportunities as they work on ministry and leadership skills. They are usually a hungry bunch after a day of camp!  West End’s dinner dates are Wednesday, June 12 and Wednesday, July 10 from 5:40 – 7:00PM. 
  • Donate Supplies – Donate supplies for PT’s summer programming.  Click on the QR code below for their Wish List.  There will be a bin on the 1st floor for donations beginning on April 14.  Deadline is Sunday, May 19.

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  • Letters of Encouragement – Write encouraging letters to the interns as they embark on a summer of discovery.
  • Pray – You are invited to pray that God’s transforming love is reflected in PT’s efforts.  Please, pray for the interns and site churches as well as the children, volunteers, and neighborhoods that will be served. 

Volunteer at westendumc.org/PT or contact Jennifer Hoffman with questions at 615.390.0033 or jenniferhoffman@outlook.com.