West End United Methodist Church

MINISTRIES Mercy and Justice

Responding to our call as Christians, we extend love to God and neighbor through our gifts, prayers, and service. We feed the hungry, extend care to the homeless, enhance health and nutrition, and seek other ways to serve. We work for justice alongside the powerless and, in doing so, strive to empower. We work for peace in places where there is strife. We participate through volunteer activities, financial support, education, advocacy, and prayer. We partner with agencies and ministries that have a large impact in their particular area of focus, impart systemic change, mobilize our church community to give their time and resources, and offer an opportunity for long-term ongoing relationships.



Rev. Stacey Harwell-Dye

Pastor of Mercy and Justice Ministries

Molly Borneman

Pastoral Fellow

Kathryn Ware

Receptionist and Admin Assistant