West End United Methodist Church

Centering Your Week Sept. 8, 2021

Speakers:Brandon Baxter, Rev. Dr. Carol Cavin-Dillon

Centering Your Week, Week 1: This is a Wednesday evening series that rotates each month through WORD (scriptures for the month), WISDOM (Rev. Baxter interviews a guest), WONDER (exploring spiritual practices), and WAY (the way we live out our faith, ministries of compassion and care).  Tonight’s session is WORD: Exploring September’s Scripture Readings with Rev. Carol Cavin-Dillon.  First, she goes through the process of how the staff chooses the scriptures and themes for upcoming seasons and Sundays.  The theme for the first three weeks of September is “Homecoming Dance.” Part of Carol’s preparation for preaching on a text is to figure out the context, and she does some of that in this session for the September readings.  Then she goes through her process for reading scripture to prepare for her preaching on a text and demonstrates some of her techniques with September’s scriptures.