West End United Methodist Church

The History and Meaning of West End's Sanctuary Windows

Speakers:Heath Jones

The extraordinary stained glass windows in the sanctuary of West End United Methodist Church hold many symbols of faith as well as memorials of and tributes to people associated with the church.  This is a presentation via lecture and PowerPoint slideshow of the history and meaning of those windows.  The creator of the presentation is Heath Jones, a long-time member who was involved in the creation of a booklet about the windows in 2003 as the stained glass had been repaired and restored and the windows were rededicated.  The windows not only represent much of the Biblical foundation of our faith, but also the history of our church, and this presentation is meant to highlight both.  (NOTE: A pdf of the windows booklet is available for viewing and/or download below.)


Sanctuary Windows Booklet (published in 2003)


Audio Recording of Sanctuary Windows Presentation (5/7/2023)