West End United Methodist Church

Who we are called to be - Vision

We believe that West End is called by God to be and become…

Connecting, Transforming

What we’re called to do - Mission

At West End, we believe we are called to do the following as Christians:

  • Know, love, and follow Jesus Christ with our head, heart, and hands.
  • Invite and welcome all God’s children into a community of love and grace.
  • Receive and witness to God’s hope, help, and healing for one another and for a neighbor.
  • Discover and use our Spirit-given strengths to work for God’s justice, peace, and reconciliation.

With these underlying mission themes in mind and heart, West End developed the following concise, energizing mission expression tied directly to our vision:

Our Mission - called to:
Live the Light
the loving light of Christ
so that lives and communities are
transformed by God’s Grace.

  • Love
  • Invite
  • Venture
  • Empower

What we value

  • Community/Fellowship
  • Learning/Wisdom
  • Faith
  • Worship
  • Family

These Core Behavioral Values (CBV’s) were discerned as the most commonly held among our membership through congregational gatherings and small group conversations. Each of these five values reveals something crucial to our identity as a distinct community of faith. Each of these will be further shaped and deepened by our God-given vision and mission.

Our Bedrock Beliefs

  • God loves everyone unconditionally.
  • God calls us to be in a community of faith.
  • God calls us to love and serve others.
  • God is with us; we are not alone.
  • We believe in the forgiveness of sins.
  • Jesus, the human face of God, is our teacher.
  • Prayer connects us to God’s transforming presence and power.

These Bedrock Beliefs (BB’s) were also named by our community through prayerful conversation and meditation on faith stories and life experiences with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Out of our many personal affirmations of faith these emerged as the foundational bedrock for our community as a whole.