West End United Methodist Church

“Be Still and Know: Centering Prayer 101” with Sally Ahner

Centering Prayer may be described as meditation with a uniquely Christian perspective: letting go of our own egoic desires and letting our lives be guided by the will of God.  This was the guiding principle of Jesus’ own life, and the only way we can begin to truly heal ourselves and the world. 

In each of the four sessions, I will give some history and guidelines and we will practice Centering Prayer at least twice in each session. You will be encouraged to have a daily practice as well, since exercising our “prayer muscle” is just as important as exercising any other muscle. 

Centering Prayer is based on the principle of non-judgment, so you cannot fail if you set your intention toward God. Practicing non-judgment (non-attachment to outcomes) in itself is a marvelous spiritual discipline. Sally hopes you will join her in this exploration.  It can change your life!  Register below: 


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